Check out our latest publication: Perfectly Imperfect: Confronting the Perfectionism Myth by Dr. Britney Turk and Dr. Sandy Allen. Read the back summary below:

Tired of striving for perfection and feeling unsuccessful?

Perfection is an illusion, a myth, driving us to try to accomplish the impossible. Frustration can develop leading to disappointment, damaged relationships, and even failure.

Learn how to test your expectations and confront the perfectionism myth to gain a more positive mindset and perspective. Learn how to manage the day, view interactions, and examine goals.

Dr. Turk is a nationally board-certified counselor (NCC) with a PhD in Psychology. She sits on the Licensed Professional Counselor Association of Georgia’s Board of Directors. Her research interests are parental burnout, HRV biofeedback, and emotional intelligence. Dr. Allen holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and over thirty years of nursing experience in various roles in healthcare.

Learn what drives your striving for perfection and how to build your confidence, lower stress, acknowledge your unique qualities, and change your mindset accepting yourself as Perfectly Imperfect.

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Check out a perfect companion to the book, Perfectly Imperfect: Confronting the Perfectionism Myth! The 2022 Perfectly Imperfect Time Management Planner: Weekly, Daily Planner with Calendar! Read the summary below:

Perfect for jotting down all your important daily thoughts or keeping track of activities to manage your time.

  • 2022 Calendar

  • Year at A glance

  • Monthly Tasks

  • Notes Pages

  • Weekly goals

  • Weekly planner

  • Printed on white paper

  • Matte finish cover

  • 134 Pages

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Check out our latest publication for kids: Silly Panda Earns His Detective Badge! Read the back summary below:

We developed this story to help your child learn that being different, expressing distinctive goals or values, is acceptable. Each child is special and learning to be true to one’s self and dreams in life is not always easy.

Silly Panda faces problems experienced by children during the school years. Teasing or joking, laughing, or making fun of a person may cause a sense of humiliation. Often, physical attributes such as weight or appearance spark teasing.

Panda Bear confronts these problems in school. As the only Panda Bear, he has a goal to be a detective. The children tease him and nickname him Silly Panda as he experiments with different disguises to learn the detective business and follows his dream.

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